Lab Results

All Má CBD+ iced teas are third-party lab tested for efficacy and purity.

Sh’nnong Beverage Company is committed to providing full transparency of our products so consumers and regulators can clearly access our product information & independent lab results at any time through our website.  Our beverages are produced in a facility that follow and have achieved Good Manufacturing Practice certification,  GMP compliant and are an FDA Approved facility, cGMP compliant.

To find out which lab results applies to the beverage you’re consuming, look for the ‘Best Buy’ date printed on the neck of the bottle and match the date to its flavor below:

10.14.20 RELAX L-19287 15mg/16.9oz
10.1.20 DETOX L-19274 15mg/16.9oz
9.18.20 FOCUS L-149258 15mg / 16.9oz
7.31.20 DETOX L-19212 15mg/16.9oz
7.24.20 RELAX L-19205 15mg/16.9oz
7.16.20 FOCUS L-19197 15mg/16.9oz
4.25.20 FOCUS L-19113 15mg/16.9oz
4.24.20 RELAX L-19113 15mg/16.9oz
4.24.20 DETOX L-19114 15mg/16.9oz

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